Municipal Partnerships for Energy Efficiency in Sambir and Zhovkva Project

The project (2015-2017) aims to help the cities of Sambir and Zhovkva to modernize municipal infrastructure and provide comprehensive expert and information support, which will significantly improve their energy efficiency and reduce energy dependence. A joint project of East Europe Foundation, Zhovkva and Sambir city councils is funded by the European Union and became the winner of the call for proposals of the EU Program “Covenant of Mayors – Demonstration Projects” (CoM-DeP).  The project was supported by Lviv Oblast Council and Lviv State Oblast Administration.

What has been done under the project framework:

Energy audits conducted in Zhovkva, 800 meters of the heating network modernized, boiler facility reequipped for renewable energy, and upon completion of all works, verification will be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of these interventions;

The engineering staff was trained on how to maintain the modernized infrastructure, and the representatives of the state and local authorities received the necessary information regarding increased energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy;

A business plan to create a network of biomass suppliers for boiler facilities in Zhovkva was developed;

Street lighting system was modernized in the city of Sambir:

About 28% of the total network of street lighting and 45% of lighting devices replaced. In particular, more than 25 km of electrical network on the line with a self-supporting insulated wire replaced, the old lamps replaced with new LEDs with less power. In addition, 10 street lighting control cabinets and a system for monitoring and controlling were installed.

The decorative lighting with the use of LED lamps was implemented on the historic sites of the ancient city center.

Awareness-raising activities for the population on the importance of energy conservation were conducted;

Based on the local competitions results, the cities selected the schools where at the demonstration classes, the students will learn and test the benefits of energy efficient technologies. In particular, the schools of Sambir and Zhovkva presented a demonstration system of renewable energy sources – solar photovoltaic module with wind turbines as well as other energy saving materials and technologies that can be applied in practice.

The project will also have an impact on the regional policy formation: energy conservation program is being developed for the budget sector of Lviv oblast. Per the Action Plans for Sustainable Energy Development of Zhovkva and Sambir till 2020, the objects financed under the project framework were determined as priority objects for local communities.