On March 28 EEF and EU CoM-DeP Program team conducted a press tour to demonstrate the progress of modernization of a city lighting system in Sambir (Lviv oblast). A press tour is a part of the Municipal Partnerships for Better Energy Use in Zhovkva and Sambir, joint project of EEF, Sambir and Zhovkva City Councils funded by EU through CoM-DeP Program.

Currently (renovations are still in progress) more than 600 with more than 750 scheduled lamps are replaced for LED-lamps with more than 25 km of electricity network in line with the self-holding insulated wire. To compare:  the length of the network of the city Sambor is about 92.5 km., with the total of 1550 lamps  pcs. It means the prohect helped to change a half. In addition, 2 of 10 automated control panels to regulate the power of street lighting have been also already replaced.  Project short-term plans include renovation of the city lighting in the historiacal center of Sambir decorative lighting at 7 architecture objects of the city. Total amount already spent by the project partners includes UAH 5 mln for equipment and about UAH 850 k for installment of the equipment (provided by the city council). With the current electricity tariff for street lighting estimated saving are about UAH 1 mln per year with the saved funds which might be used further replacement of the old lamps and increasing of energy savings.

Modernization of Sambit street lighting sysem ai a part of the project “Municipal Partnership to improve energy efficiency in Sambor and Zhovkva” which aims to increase energy efficiency in Sambor and Zholkva due to modernization of municipal infrastructure. The project is funded by the European Union. A joint project of East Europe Foundation, city councils of Zhovkva and Sambir are among the winners of the EU “Demonstration projects Covenant» (COM-DEP), which is also is supported by the Lviv Oblast Council and Regional State Administration. The competition was intended to support the cities in the Eastern Partnership on practical implementation of action plans for sustainable energy development that these cities were produced in the early stages of the voluntary obligations under the Covenant.

In addition to technical renovations the project also helped to raise awareness about the importance of energy savings among local population by conducting information and education campaigns. The cities have also selected the schools where on the basis of demonstration classes, the students are now able to personally recognize the benefits of introducing energy efficient technologies. In particular, in the schools in Sambir and Zhovkva a demonstration system of renewable energy sources – solar module with wind power generator – was created as well as other energy saving materials and technologies that can be applied in practice were presented.

The project will also have an impact on the regional policy development: energy conservation program will be launched for the budget sector of Lviv oblast. According to the Action Plan for Sustainable Energy Development of Sambir and Zhovkva till 2020, the objects that will be financed by the project were determined as priority objects for local communities.