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Two Day Practical Seminar for Ukrainian Policy Makers with German Experts

14.-15.02.2020 in Kyiv

Deadline: 07.02.2020

Today, Ukraine and the European Union enjoy the deepest relations since Ukraine’s independence. Since the Revolution of Dignity and the signing of the Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area no single country outside the EU received as much financial and technical support as Ukraine. In turn, Ukraine committed itself to far-reaching Europeanization. The complicated process requires a sound understanding of the EU’s institutional landscape by all fractions. Policy makers need to articulate European appeals and Ukraine’s commitments to the electorate.

To address these challenges, we invite Ukrainian policy makers to participate in a two-day seminar on important practical aspects of the EU-Ukrainian relations and its institutional underpinnings. The training is offered as part of the “Ukraine in Europe” program jointly executed by the Centre for Liberal Modernity, a Berlin-based think-tank, and the East Europe Foundation. “Ukraine in Europe” is financed by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For Whom is this Seminar?

This training is great for you, if you are…

  • a member of the Verkhovna Rada, a staff member of a MP or a Rada committee staffer;
  • in need of more figures and facts of Ukraine’s EU association;
  • willing to actively engage after the workshop and participate in other project activities such as the networking trip to Brussels and Berlin;
  • willing to work in teams on Ukraine’s EU association;
  • available for both days of the training.

Working language is English. Good knowledge of English is mandatory.

Who are the Speakers at the seminar?

The training is offered by experienced experts of the Institute for European Politics who offered numerous trainings to lawmakers in the Balkans in associated countries and candidate countries.

Why participate in the Seminar?

After the training participants are able to:

  • understand and navigate the EU’s complex institutional landscape.
  • have a sound understanding of Ukraine’s commitments within the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.
  • explain the content, actors as well as state of implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement to voters and media in general terms.
  • participate the networking trip organized by the Centre for Liberal Modernity to Brussels and Berlin.

What exactly will be discussed?

  • Fundamentals of the EU political and legal system
  • Overview of the Association Agreement (AA) and the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) between Ukraine and the European Union.
  • Bilateral association bodies and EU association implementation in Ukraine.

To register for the participation in the two-day Seminar, please fill in the form under the link:

Contact person:

Iryna Pushchyk, RADA Program Coordinator

+380 95 700 7535

About the project “Ukraine in Europe”

The project “Ukraine in Europe” was initiated by the Center for Liberal Modernity and is jointly executed with the East Europe Foundation from September 2019 to December 2020. The project is kindly financed by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “Ukraine in Europe” aims to make a long-term contribution to strengthening parliamentary work in Ukraine and improving practical knowledge and expertise of EU- and German-Ukrainian relations. All program activities focus on EU related topics, dialogue, training and exchange among parliamentarians and their staff, with political actors and experts from the EU as well as the Ukrainian civil society. The three primary goals of the project are:

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About the East Europe Foundation

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