Developing e-democracy, supporting start-ups and bringing innovations to e-services

New instruments and e-services developed within EEF involvement help to improve e-governance, develop e-democracy, increase interaction between citizens and government and support innovations.

Energy efficient equipment was installed in more than 40 schools, hospitals, kindergartens installed energy efficient equipment

We provide full support to communities in implementing energy efficiency technologies including conducting energy audits and results verification, selection and installment of the most efficient equipment on social infrastructure buildings, raising citizens awareness of local citizens

EEF launched more than 30 centers for elderly


These centers are a place where single elderly people can communicate, engage in their favorite activities or hobbies, participate in the numerous interest groups, and learn new skills.

EEF helped more than 1, 000 with disabilities to find jobs and gain new professional skills



East Europe Foundation in cooperation with its partners worked towards improving the employment possibilities for people with disabilities, ATO veterans, and IDPs. We helped to receive the best possible education and decent employment as well as improve the quality of social services. We try to create the cooperation model with IT companies, NGOs, and the state agencies to develop an effective mechanism of education, training and further employment of vulnerable populations.


Reforming the Parliament and involving citizens

EEF and partners are implementing the USAID RADA Program, which tasks to promote an accountable, responsible and democratic assembly – the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The Program aims to support the Members of Parliament (MPs) in their efforts to set up effective collaboration with their electorate and improve the quality of exercising their representative powers.


Eurasia Foundation (EF) began operating in Ukraine in 1993. Since then, EF has invested more than USD 44 mln in grants, loans and technical assistance in Ukraine, more than USD 6 mln in Belarus and more than USD 4 mln in Moldova for local initiatives to develop private entrepreneurship, public policy and civil society.


EEF’s board of directors, advisory board, management team and staff constantly seek to refine the Foundation’s program directions, ensuring that EEF maximizes its impact for the people of Ukraine.

Local Social Development

EEF’s Social Development Program aims to improve the quality of life for underprivileged groups of the population, including people with disabilities, the elderly, and vulnerable youth through provision of access to quality services and protection of their rights.

Local Economic Development

EEF’s Local Economic Development Program aims to strengthen partnerships between public and private sectors and improve the capacity of local communities to employ innovative solutions for regional and local economic development, improving communal infrastructure, introducing new approaches for attracting investments, development of local infrastructure and stimulation of social enterprises.

Governance and Civil Society

EEF improves local and regional governance by assisting municipal and oblast governments in designing public policies, implementing national reforms and increasing the participation of civil society organizations in the policy-making process.

Energy Efficiency and the Environment

The Energy Efficiency and the Environment Program stimulates innovative and participatory solutions to introduce environmentally friendly practices among Ukrainian communities, targeting energy efficiency, renewable energy, and effective waste management.

USAID Leadership in Economic Governance (LEV) Program

USAID Leadership in Economic Governance (LEV) Program



East Europe Foundation announces a competition for audit services

East Europe Foundation (EEF) is an international charitable organization established as a foundation, in accordance with the Law on Charitable Activities and other Ukraine laws. EEF was registered on May 24, 2007, and started its operations in January 2009. Previously...

East Europe Foundation is looking for a Communications Coordinator

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine Application deadline: 8th of December, 2021 Job Type: full-time (remote during the quarantine) East Europe Foundation (EEF) is a Ukrainian charitable organization based in Kyiv, whose mission is to transform Ukraine into a state that serves...

Our platforms and projects

EEF Project “Open City” introduces innovative mechanisms for citizens’ engagement in addressing local community challenges, establishes effective cooperation between the citizens and local authorities, helps the citizens to stay together in resolving crucial issues for the community. The main instrument, created web platform allows citizens to raise, observe and describe specific problems in their communities. Please clock here to learn more



The web-site developed within EEF and CASE Ukraine joint project funded by EC, called “Price of the State” helps to easily analyze such complicated things as, for example, state budget. The site provides special opportunities to experiment with several instruments to understand such things as for example where your taxes were forwarded or how to calculate your pension. Project partners believe this web-resource will raise awareness of average citizens on how to analyze and monitor budget process. Please click here to learn more 


The USAID LEV Program which EEF is being implemented with partners aims to improve the business climate by implementing significant and sustainable reforms in SME sector both at the national and local levels. The Program web-site provides useful information and resources for entrepreneurs. Please click here to learn more 

USAID Leadership in Economic Development Program

The E-Governance for Accountability and Participation (EGAP) program aims to strengthen good governance, modern public service delivery and social innovation in Ukraine using new information communication technologies (ICTs) as enablers. The EGAP Program funded by the Swiss Confederation is implemented by East Europe Foundaiton, InnovaBridge Foundation, the State Agency on E-Governance in consortium with the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine. Please click here to learn more 



Elegant Themes


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